04 November 2010

delayed reactions

My flight, instead of departing on the first...two days ago...now leaves on Monday, 8 November. Finally...if my initial leave from Salt Lake is delayed any further I'm never going to get out of here!

I have been emailing editors from all the local papers asking if they'd be interested in picking up my story...it's a fair share of sucking up to them to tell you the truth. In my copy-paste haste I accidentally sent, "Dear Daily Herald news staff," to the staff at the Salt Lake Tribune. Whoops. Hopefully they'll understand how much of a hot commodity I am right now when they see how many other papers I am sending my story off to and they'll pick me up faster than a hotcake around the campfire.

In other local news, forgoing the endless hours I have been spending at the downtown library (the most beautiful building in SLC...I'll miss it terribly) I have tried my hand at "cleansing." You know, the lemon-maple syrup-cayenne pepper concoction that all your health obsessed friends drink 10 days out of every month. I made it to about 4 o'clock on the first day before I succumbed to the temptation of a massive salad from Whole Foods drenched in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I spent rest of the day snacking on dried cranberries, my reserve chewy pick-me-up that keeps me from eating an entire box of Welch's Very Berry Fruit Snacks. 

The Salt Lake downtown library...a massive light filled, five-story structure that can consume even the most wary of book and periodical readers.

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