06 November 2010

A call for last minute to-do's

It's my last weekend in Salt Lake, and I've plum run out of "one-more-time" visiting opportunities. I've gone to the Coffee Garden on 9th and 9th "once last time." I've fed the ducks at Sugarhouse Park, "one last time." I've collected necessities from Whole Foods (except for one last chocolate run). I've made "one final" trip to the Tea Grotto, Target, the Keihl's counter, Anthropologie, and hit up all my favorite local independent bookstores.

So what should I possibly do to amuse myself this weekend? I need use the mega-industrial scale at A's workplace to weigh my suitcase (forget about packing underweight...I'll be lucky to weigh in at 50 pounds flat) and I am still on the hunt for a USB cord so I'm not packing 10 lbs in batteries cross-Atlantic. I almost made a date with Rikki to catch the 50 year anniversary (!!!) of Goddard's Breathless showing at the Broadway theatre on 300 E., and then it seemed a waste of time spending hours in a darkened theatre with limited daylight left on my SLC roster. Jo also wants to have a piece of my time pie. Mother wants me to make the trek home for one last weekend. All things that take time, yet I don't have time, yet I don't have things to do. Catch-22?

What is the meaning of this post?

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