30 January 2011

when there still might be time. and other fantasies past.

There was a time when dancing was all I did.
 All I thought about. All I cared about. 
Getting into Julliard was all I dreamt about. 
Then one day, I stopped dancing. 
I have regretted this decision many times over the years. 
When watching dance films, performances, live ballets, meeting dancers. 
Is it too late to regain my passion and my dancers body? 

Oh, to live in gentler times gone by

Hello, Gypsy Rose Lee. 
And thank you for flaunting your intelligence instead of your body.

29 January 2011

What is making me happy right now

The song, "The dog days are over," by Florence and the Machine. I'm coming home!

The addictive blog, the rockstar diaries

Still suffering from wanderlust about Iceland

Anticipating my first snowstorm of the season

Can't wait to get back in my yoga groove

Really wishing for a basset hound named Gnocci

03 January 2011

Expansion--the goals for 2011

Happy New Year! Mutlu Yıllar from İstanbul! Instead of my usual new year's resolutions-- I have decided to use a theme I have recently encountered--using one word to create a theme for the year and to base all your actions and good intentions upon that theme. The word I have chosen to use is:


Expand my capacity for knowledge: devoutly study one language this year and ace all of my spring and fall semester classes. 

Expand my literary abilities: read two books each month and participate in the National Novel Writing Month come November. http://www.nanowrimo.org/

Expand my culinary horizons: cook and bake healthy, and tasty vegetarian meals and treats at home, eat out less. Have dinner parties with friends often. Embrace new culinary techniques. Eat what's in season and focus on local foods over organic foods. Support Utah's Buy Local First movement. http://www.localfirst.org/

Expand my world view: continue to travel like a maniac, stopping only to budget money so I might travel often. I'm thinking having to purchase extra pages for my passport often. Plan a trip abroad Summer 2011. Spain with Erica? Yes, please. 

Expand my green foot: go carless all year by relying on public transportation. Salt Lake City has a great system so it won't be difficult. Ride a bike all spring/summer/fall.

Expand my follicles: in other words, grow my hair long once and for all! With a little help from Aveda...

Expand the magnitude of my love: focus on my relationships with family and friends. Be there as a companion, a helping hand, a patient friend, sister and daughter, and a loving heart.