30 December 2011

out with the old

I have not posted on The English Tutor since I arrived back home to Salt Lake City, Utah in February.

I am continuing my studies at the University of Utah, and working towards bachelor's degrees in both English and Linguistics with a minor degree in Book Arts. You can find me at my new address:


Plans for any long-term travelling, with exceptions for studying abroad, are on temporary hiatus until I graduate. After graduation, I plan on working internationally with those seeking to learn English as their second language; effectively putting to use my linguistics degree. Then I will travel back to England to complete my master's in library science.

Somewhere along the line I will use my letterpress training, if only in the form of cards for friends.

There are still many photos archived from my time in Istanbul that I hope to get around to sharing one day. Likewise, there are stories gathered that deserve to be heard; some are good, some are a little melancholy, all, however, are thought provoking.

I want to thank my readers around the world who continue to check up on The English Tutor. I apologise if there have been comments or questions unanswered-the comment device on this blog has been spotty since day one. Frankly, computers and I don't get along.

"What? You can make it do that?"

Is usually what you'll hear of out of my mouth when a friend attempts to share some Worldly Computer Knowledge with me.

Anyone looking for some friendly Turkish travel advice (read: free) or things to do in Istanbul should feel free to email me. I love hearing from my readers!

Çok teşekkür ederim! Güvenli seyahatleri!

05 March 2011

the basilica cistern

There are several hundred cisterns {underground water holds} located under the city of Istanbul, the largest of these being the Basilica Cistern. Near the magnificent Hagia Sophia, and built on the historical peninsula of Sarayburnu, lies the cistern, ancient in it's being {it was built in the 6th century during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, nonetheless breathtaking and awe-inspiring. 

{the ancientness}

{the head(s) of medusa}

{no one knows}

{we love being dripped on by centuries old water}

04 February 2011

spot the cats.

Cats in Istanbul. 
They're everywhere. 
Keeping watch over the bookstores at the Grand Bazaar. 
Lounging by the Blue Mosque.
 Basking in the heat lamps in the Aya Sophia. 
Sleeping on scarves in museum bookstores.

How many cats can you count? 

Guarding the Blue Mosque. 

Bathing in the cozy heat lamps in the Aya Sophia. 

Fear me! Muh ah ha ha ha. 

Can you see me? 

Watching over Master's books in the Grand Bazaar. 

Don't bother me. I'm cat napping on your souvenir pashima scarves. 

03 February 2011

Snapshots of Bebek

Bosphorus waterfront. 
Weathered old fishermen.
 Seaside cafes. 
The imposing Rumeli Fortress.
 Sun setting over the edge of Istanbul. 

What more could you ask of an evening?

Minnows loving their new home in a  Erikli water bottle.

Offering to share their trash can fire.

Three little boats, all in a row. 

Perched on an old yogurt bucket.

"Leaf in Love" is the name of this beauty.

30 January 2011

when there still might be time. and other fantasies past.

There was a time when dancing was all I did.
 All I thought about. All I cared about. 
Getting into Julliard was all I dreamt about. 
Then one day, I stopped dancing. 
I have regretted this decision many times over the years. 
When watching dance films, performances, live ballets, meeting dancers. 
Is it too late to regain my passion and my dancers body? 

Oh, to live in gentler times gone by

Hello, Gypsy Rose Lee. 
And thank you for flaunting your intelligence instead of your body.

29 January 2011

What is making me happy right now

The song, "The dog days are over," by Florence and the Machine. I'm coming home!

The addictive blog, the rockstar diaries

Still suffering from wanderlust about Iceland

Anticipating my first snowstorm of the season

Can't wait to get back in my yoga groove

Really wishing for a basset hound named Gnocci

03 January 2011

Expansion--the goals for 2011

Happy New Year! Mutlu Yıllar from İstanbul! Instead of my usual new year's resolutions-- I have decided to use a theme I have recently encountered--using one word to create a theme for the year and to base all your actions and good intentions upon that theme. The word I have chosen to use is:


Expand my capacity for knowledge: devoutly study one language this year and ace all of my spring and fall semester classes. 

Expand my literary abilities: read two books each month and participate in the National Novel Writing Month come November. http://www.nanowrimo.org/

Expand my culinary horizons: cook and bake healthy, and tasty vegetarian meals and treats at home, eat out less. Have dinner parties with friends often. Embrace new culinary techniques. Eat what's in season and focus on local foods over organic foods. Support Utah's Buy Local First movement. http://www.localfirst.org/

Expand my world view: continue to travel like a maniac, stopping only to budget money so I might travel often. I'm thinking having to purchase extra pages for my passport often. Plan a trip abroad Summer 2011. Spain with Erica? Yes, please. 

Expand my green foot: go carless all year by relying on public transportation. Salt Lake City has a great system so it won't be difficult. Ride a bike all spring/summer/fall.

Expand my follicles: in other words, grow my hair long once and for all! With a little help from Aveda...

Expand the magnitude of my love: focus on my relationships with family and friends. Be there as a companion, a helping hand, a patient friend, sister and daughter, and a loving heart. 

27 December 2010

Celebrating the European Capital of Culture 2010

Istanbul (not Constantinople
was celebrated as the European Capital of Culture for 2010. 
As the city's mightiest reign since the days of the Ottoman Empire comes to a close 
and 2010 gets ready to be reborn as 2011, 
I share some of my favorite posters from 
the travel world's year long obsession is Istanbul: 

24 December 2010

çok çok mutlu noel

{12} Tiny tea cups

{11} Whirling Dervishes a'twirling

{10} Vendors hawking

{9} Cats a'begging

{8} Nargile smokers

{7} Children frolicking

{6} Au Pairs scolding

{5} Calls to prayer

{4} Secret Santas

{3} Rakı cups

{2} Shopping centers

And  asleep before midnight.

Merry Christmas and Mutlu Yıllar from İstanbul!