30 December 2011

out with the old

I have not posted on The English Tutor since I arrived back home to Salt Lake City, Utah in February.

I am continuing my studies at the University of Utah, and working towards bachelor's degrees in both English and Linguistics with a minor degree in Book Arts. You can find me at my new address:


Plans for any long-term travelling, with exceptions for studying abroad, are on temporary hiatus until I graduate. After graduation, I plan on working internationally with those seeking to learn English as their second language; effectively putting to use my linguistics degree. Then I will travel back to England to complete my master's in library science.

Somewhere along the line I will use my letterpress training, if only in the form of cards for friends.

There are still many photos archived from my time in Istanbul that I hope to get around to sharing one day. Likewise, there are stories gathered that deserve to be heard; some are good, some are a little melancholy, all, however, are thought provoking.

I want to thank my readers around the world who continue to check up on The English Tutor. I apologise if there have been comments or questions unanswered-the comment device on this blog has been spotty since day one. Frankly, computers and I don't get along.

"What? You can make it do that?"

Is usually what you'll hear of out of my mouth when a friend attempts to share some Worldly Computer Knowledge with me.

Anyone looking for some friendly Turkish travel advice (read: free) or things to do in Istanbul should feel free to email me. I love hearing from my readers!

Çok teşekkür ederim! Güvenli seyahatleri!

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