08 November 2010

To the Mouths of New Yorkers From Your Humble West Coast Third Wife

From last week:

I'm back New York!

A little more domesticated and with better hair to boot. It's been a year since I've left, a whole year, and leaving didn't kill me like I thought it would. Instead, here I am, sitting in my sunny Salt Lake City kitchen brewing up a pot of tea with nothing weighing on my shoulders except the thought of a ten cent fine if I forgo returning or renewing the library books that are due today and the packing for Turkey that so desperately needs to be completed. A far cry from my life last year, oh the stresses of the city, how did I ever survive? Ah ha, but I return elated with life and world experiences and will pass through you again many times until I arrive again, standing on your bruised shoulders, and shout into the foggy sky my triumphant final return...and subsequently begin a temp job, probably.

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