16 November 2010

Brunch on the Bosphorus

This morning brought on an unexpected excursion into Istanbul proper with Almira, my new abla, (sister) and my host family. We drove from Kemerburgaz through the winding, narrow streets of Bebek that find themselves sprawled over hill tops and along the Bosphorus River. Bebek, located on the European side of Istanbul, means baby, in Turkish. 

Sade Kahve, meaning "black coffee," the outdoor cafe where we ate brunch that looks out over the river and a massive, unsupported suspension bridge linking European and Asian Istanbul.

Right over our heads, high up on the hill sat the Rumeli Hisar Fortress. Before Constantinople was conquered by the Turks, the Rumeli Fortress was built by Mehmet II to prevent the Byzantine fleets from entering the Bosphorus straits. 

The Rumeli Hisar Fortress, as seen from the Bosphorus

Finally being in the city was a dream. I live for exploration and adventure, none of which can be found in Kemerburgaz, unless you are content comparing prices and trying to read the Turkish food labels at the local Macro Center. Interesting yes, do they put different thing in Dove sampuan (shampoo) here...? Guess we'll find out.

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Lynz said...

How beautiful and fun. I love the pictures you sent via email. They are just gorgeous!